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Training aids improve your cat's behavior by helping resolve and reduce your cat's stress, which may be causing their disobedience. The scat mat is a clear, flexible vinyl mat that safely and effectively trains your cat to stay off furniture, countertops and other selected areas of your house. Soft claws are nail clips that are a simple solution when pet scratching is a problem. Feliway is a pheromone that helps comforts cats and stops stress-related behavior. When working with your cat during training, it is important to remember patience and repetition.

Head to Tail Daily Pet Supplements Calming for Cats 100

Head to Tail Daily Pet Supplements Calming for Cats

Excellent !
Pros: Works
Cons: Dosent tell how much to give to smaller cats
I have a very over anxious cat less than a year old, her heart beats so fast when she gets excited , which is most of the day , she can't relax, I've tried toys to get it out of her & that helps a lit...