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Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive cat toys are an exciting, amusing way to provide your cat exercise and quality time together bonding. They produce hours of fun and entertainment with its random, unpredictable movements holding your cats interest while waiting to find out what it will do next. Kittens and cats of all ages need both physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Brighten your cat's day with a large section of toys ranging between balls, lasers, or battery operated cat toys. In addition, Catit cat toys can stimulate all your cat's senses when used together. Purchase more than one Catit toy and save today!

Catit Senses Play Circuit 100

Catit Senses Play Circuit

Pros: Self propelled, engaging, attention getter
Cons: Wish the ball moved a tad faster
My kitten loved this track, played with it for a good half hours first time it was put together. But since it slows down quite a bit she will lose interest now after about 10 or so minutes. Getting an...