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Cat Grooming Supplies

It is very important to regularly groom your cat to keep her healthy and happy. There are many grooming tools and supplies that come in helpful when you are doing it yourself, such as brushes, comb, shampoos, conditioners, and clippers. Brushes and combs decrease shedding by removing hair and avoiding mats and tangles. Shampooing cleans conditions and deodorizes their fur keeping their coat looking smooth and shiny. It is also important to cut and keep your feline's nails trimmed to prevent them from scratching your furniture and getting caught on fabric.

Furminator for Cats 100

Furminator for Cats

The only brush my cats let me use
Pros: All 3 cats love it
Cons: cost
This is a great product. The cat who hated being brushed, loved this one. Be sure that you have a garbage can nearby the first time you use it - it takes out a LOT of fur.