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capstar for cats & dogsCapstar Flea Tablets for Dogs & Cats Over 25 lbs
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  • Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs & Cats Over 25 lbs
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Capstar For Cats & Dogs — Flea Tablets

Novartis 33.99
2 lb. - 25 lb. 45005 CAP-SM 33.99 InStock Pets > Cats > Health Care 0716688610119
Over 25 lb. 45015 CAP-LG 33.99 InStock Pets > Cats > Health Care 0716688610218
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2 lb. - 25 lb.
Over 25 lb.

Why Capstar for Cats & Dogs?

A single dose kills all the adult fleas that are currently on your pet. Additional doses can be safely administered as often as once a day, if your pet becomes re-infested with fleas. Capstar Flea Tablets are safe for use in dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens four weeks of age and older and weighing 2 lbs or greater. Capstar tablets are administered orally and begin working within thirty minutes. Studies show that Capstar has achieved greater than ninety percent effectiveness against adult fleas on dogs within four hours and cats within six hours. Each packet contains six tablets.

Customer Reviews for Capstar For Cats & Dogs — Flea Tablets
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best product of the century!
works fast and efficiently
only works for one day
You have to remember that this only works for one day. What a day it is!! My dog and three cats have been scratching since April! I used all kinds of topical treatments every month to no avail. I just thought it was some allergy. A friend said they have fleas. I said I have been using flea and tic medicine. So I decided to try this and the scratching came to a stop in about one to two hours!! I just wished it worked for a whole month! But at least you can give it every day if needed! I am going to a all natural topical since I have not been having any luck with the chemical stuff.
Experience with Product: Less than 1 month
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes
martinsville, Virginia

Takes the fleas out
Works fast, Effective
Only good for 24 hours
This product takes care of all fleas, even the ones that hide in hard to find places on your pet. It's a good first line of defense and can take town a large number of fleas fast.
Recommended: Yes
Dallas, Tx

Good Product
Easy to Give
I used the product just to make sure that if my two dogs did have fleas they would be killed. My dogs didn't have an infestation but I used it more of a preventative product. I have a long haired dog and it is sort of tuff to see if he has fleas or give the oil down the back. So I was looking for an oral tablet. But, after reading the instructions in the box, I interpreted it as this is supposed to be used along with a preventative flea medicine.
Recommended: Yes
columbus, ohio

Dawn dish soap the best this ok if u want to force dog a pill everyday
stops itching in 2hrs and kills fleas
have to give everyday
The product is pretty good I have no complaints. I just don't like you have to give pill everyday. I figured out what DOES work the best!! Got a 6wk old kitten not eating for long time.... Trying to figure out what was wrong he is black well fleas are hard to see but one day just so happen I caught glimpse of one and said OH NO what do i do he's to young for almost every product out there. Went to Google and someone said Dawn Dish Soap it's thick it smothers them and helps smother the flea sac so no more hatching.... Did this once combed him real good and the next day I had s kitten running around so alive BIG DIFFERENCE n horrible what they can cause shit your pet.... That's being sick and lifeless! So to anyone with fleas on pet dawn dish soap!!! Comb pet and maybe repeat again in couple days I no I did and I never seen another flea on him again!!
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Beginner
Recommended: Yes

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