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Fleas are annoying, troublesome pests that are not only itchy and uncomfortable but can become dangerous over time if not treated. There are various safe and effective treatments to eliminate and prevent future infestations on your cat. Flea combs are a quick simple solution to spot and verify there are fleas. Once confirming your feline has fleas it is important to choose which treatment meets your cat's needs, including shampoos, dips, sprays, collars or topical treatment. It is recommended to research each flea control product and follow the directions.

Natural Defense for Cats 100

Natural Defense for Cats

Really works
Pros: smells great and lasts
Cons: what happened to the 4 pack, now there's only the 3 pack?
Was so happy to see it working well on both cats, one inside all the time, the other goes in and out for a few hrs a day....!! Here in FL w/so many fleas I was pleasantly surprised