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Cat Dental Care Supplies

Dental care is just as important for animals as it is for humans. Cleaning your cat's teeth on a regular basis will prevent bad breath and future problems. Brushing your cat's teeth, with its scrubbing, massaging and scraping actions, provide the maximum cleaning experience for healthy teeth and gums. Dental treats have a crunchy texture that reduces tartar and plaque buildup to help keep their teeth clean and healthy and freshen their breath. The delicious, flavorful treats will have your cats craving more.

Feline Greenies Cat Dental Treats 100

Feline Greenies Cat Dental Treats

Great crunchy treats!
Pros: Stay fresh a long time if needed, appealing to cats who like crunchy treats, good size, offer many flavors and help with different issues, like preventing hairballs.
I like the "Greenies" because they offer a variety of flavors for my cat and help with different issues, such as preventing hairballs. He loves the crunchy treats and seems to like the seafood flavor...