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Cat Bowls & Dishes

Cat dishes are offered in a variety of styles, colors and materials, ranging from plastic to ceramic to stainless steel. Choosing the style of bowl or dish to use depends greatly on ease of maintenance and personal style. Standard bowls and dishes are ones that you fill each time your cat finishes eating or drinking. There are also cat feeders and waterers that are automatic, where your cat's bowls are not ever empty due to auto refilling. Automatic waterers and feeders are great for when you are going to travel, as your cat can stay home alone without running out of food or water.

Catit Senses Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain 100

Catit Senses Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain

Pros: Functional, Attractive, Good For Them
My kitten loves this thing and drinks from it all day long. One of the best items I have gotten her so far. Well done.