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Dog Carriers & Kennel Cabs

When traveling by car or air, you can use a carrier or kennel cab to transport your dog. Depending on the size of the dog, you may be able to use his carrier in your SUV or truck. Most carriers for medium or large dogs do not fit in standard cars. With small dogs, you can use a dog carrier purse or small dog carrier. For medium or large dogs, dog carriers are much larger and used primarily for travel when you are not going to be around the dog. Airline approved pet carriers are required for transporting your dog by plane.

2 Door Top Load Kennel Cab 100

2 Door Top Load Kennel Cab

2 Door Top Loading Kennels
Pros: easy,effortless entry for pets
Cons: none
Front loading kennels have been a nightmare for myself and my (2) cats. It was a challenge to corral them and struggle holding them to place them inside a front loading kennel. The top loading kenne...