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Canned Cat Food

Canned feline food offers higher protein, more flavor and less carbohydrates than original dry food. It is a soft, moist food that contains high water content to help increase your cat's intake of fluids since many cats don't drink much water. Canned food tends to be more flavorful and appetizing to cats and works great as a supplement with dry food. It is ideal for kittens as a transition stage between nursing and dry hard food. However, if your cat's diet consists completely of canned food, it is essential to follow directions to prevent them from becoming overweight.

bff cat food

BFF Cat Food — Adult Canned Grain Free Tuna & Pumpkin Valentine

Great for constipation (cat's not yours)
Pros: Healthy, environmentally friendly, pumpkin!
Cons: It's not free
My cats love this. It is especially good for my cat who is prone to constipation and is already on lactulose and miralax due to intestinal motility issues.
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