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Canary & Finch Food

Canaries are one of the birds with a variety of food available for them which each is designed for specific purposes. Song food, molting food, and the like are designed for canaries. Finches also require very small size food, and they must have food in their cage at all times without exception. A finch has an extremely high metabolism, and a bird going even for several hours or a day without food can suffer problems which may be difficult or impossible for it to recover from. Finches and Canaries should be fed food specifically labeled for them.

Ecotrition Essential Blend Canary & Finch Food 100

Ecotrition Essential Blend Canary & Finch Food

If you want healthy finches, choose this food!
Pros: Excellent quality blend for optimal health.
Cons: None
I have owned many types of finches and this is the only food I will purchase for them. My Zebras, Green Singers, and Lady Gouldians all love this food and are healthy and thriving.