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Pet Bird Mineral Treats & Cuttlebones

Cuttlebones and mineral treats are used to encourage a bird to file down its own beak to keep it both short and sharp so that the beak performs well in breaking up seeds and cracking nuts to eat. Even though cuttlebones and mineral treats help in this task, it may sometimes be necessary for a trip to the vet with a large bird to have its beak trimmed and filed down. Giving the bird tools to help take care of its own beak will lessen the veterinary trips to perform beak maintenance, saving money in the long term.

Flavored Mineral Blocks 100

Flavored Mineral Blocks

Orange you going to lick it?
Pros: Tasty, Colorful, Long Lasting, Sturdy, Decent Size
Cons: Messy
We've tried other, it's true. At first I as skeptical about this product, but read a few convincing reviews and decided a few bucks wouldn't make or break us. Man am I impressed! Our Sun absol...