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Pet Bird Yogurt Treats

Just because it is important to keep your bird's beak filed down doesn't mean they wouldn't like to get a nice, soft treat from time to time. Yogurt treats for birds are flavorful but not overly sweet soft bird treats which birds of any size will happily accept and eat with great enthusiasm. These treats are small in size, but that doesn't stop a large bird like a macaw from enjoying it. They will reach out their foot and gently take one of these treats and slowly taste it to determine what it is before beginning to break off tiny pieces with their enormous beak.

Kaytee Fiesta Yogurt Treats 100

Kaytee Fiesta Yogurt Treats

Our Parrots Favorite Treats
Pros: Our parrots love these
Cons: None
We have two parrots, a Senegal and a Pionus, and they absolutely love these treats, more than anything else we give them. All I have to do is pick up the bag and our Pionus can barely contain himself.