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Clean Water Silo Waterer for Pet BirdsClean Water Silo Waterer - Tall 8 1/4"
  • Clean Water Silo Waterer for Pet Birds
  • Clean Water Silo Waterer - Tall 8 1/4"
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Clean Water Silo Waterer for Pet Birds

JW Pet Co. 3.99
Regular 5" 41317 31300 3.99 InStock Pets > Birds > Food & Health Care 0618409313005
Tall 8 1/4" 41318 31301 4.49 InStock Pets > Birds > Food & Health Care 0618940313014
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Regular 5"
Tall 8 1/4"

Clean Water Silo Waterer supplies your bird fresh water daily with a durable, plastic waterer. Features a no-spill valve that prevents water from flowing out and a screw that secures it to most all cages with vertical and horizontal bars. Ideal for parakeets, canaries, cockatiels and finches. Assorted colors.

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Awesome... Waterer!!!!
Colorful & Very useful for vertical bar bird cages!!!
My son owns 4 parakeets named Tweety & Mario, Luigi & Bowserette who love using the Clean Water Silo Waterer to drink from everyday. It is very easy to use when you need to refill & also cleaning the waterer is fairly simple as well w/a papertowel & Clorox Anywhere spray & then rinse out.This is definately the best waterer out there for your birds!!!!
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes
South San Gabriel, California

Great no mess waterer
Birds like it, Water stays clean, Water supply visible, No need to open cage, Easy to fill
Can be tricky to fill
These waterer's are easy to install and easy to fill. The birds readily adapt to them. I own 6 waterer's. I have had some of them several years and they look and work as well as new ones. I like it that I can give them fresh water without opening the cage. There is a small learning curve to removing the water tube and filling it and replacing it without a mess at first. Once you do it a few times though there is no mess whatever and takes only moments. The fact that no feces or seed gets into the water is a great plus to me.
Recommended: Yes
Newark, AR

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