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Birds, like people, can not last very long without water. A bird in a cage relies completely on its human to care for it and supply clean food and water each day. Birds have a tendency to make their water dirty very quickly, so if a water dish isn't working well for your bird, it can be slowly converted over to a water bottle which holds quite a bit of water and keeps it clean. It will take time to get the bird switched over to drinking out of a bottle but it is a wonderful thing which can help keep the cage clean and help keep your bird drinking clean water.

Clean Cup Feed and Water Cup for Pet Birds 100

Clean Cup Feed and Water Cup for Pet Birds

Awesome feed & water cups
Pros: Covered bowls
I love these covered bowls! I have been using these bowls for my Parrolets, parakeets, finches, and lovebirds for many years. I really like the small ones that have perches on them. The bigger ones ...