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Pet Bird Treat Bars & Sticks

Treat sticks are usually made up of a variety of seeds and berries with vegetables added and most of the time the treats are bound together by honey or another natural binder. Vitakraft is a well known name in treats not only for birds but also for small animals, so they are expert at putting together crumble free treat sticks which provide hours of nibbling and gnawing for your bird's enjoyment. The smaller bird treats come with a hanger built in, and they can simply be hung up right inside the cage for your bird to easily get to.

Vitakraft Treat Sticks for Pet Birds 100

Vitakraft Treat Sticks for Pet Birds

Pros: Tasty, easy to eat, provides exercise, can hang anywhere
Cons: The plastic hang clip is not that great....seeds fall off somewhat during shiping.
Yes, 5 stars! My parakeet (budgie) loves these sticks and would easily eat 2x per week if I allowed it. I vary the flavors so he is not bored. Also, it helps with beak health as well as keeping him ...