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Bird Travel Supplies for Pet Birds

Traveling with pet birds can be a pleasant experience, if you are prepared with proper pet bird supplies. Having a bird travel carrier that is secured to your car’s seat, a dripless bottle so your pet bird has a source of water, and some tempting toys or treats for your pet bird to occupy his mind are all great ideas. The pet bird travel carrier may be met with skepticism, so leave the cage open near your bird before the trip. Most important, never let your pet bird outside if he is not wearing a bird harness or secured in a pet travel carrier.

Fold Down White Bird Travel Cage 100

Fold Down White Bird Travel Cage

I have 2 of these cages
Pros: Easy to clean and move.
Cons: None
I have 2 of these, They are easy to set up and store and we will be getting another one soon.