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Bird Toys for Stimulation, Grooming, & Behavior

Bird toys for your pet bird are more than trinkets to keep your bird entertained. Bird toys help with mental stimulation, grooming, and eliminating problem behaviors, as they provide outlets for pent-up energy. Make sure to provide the right bird toys based on the size of your bird. Whether your pet bird is a cockatiel, conure, or a large parrot, they all must have bird toys. Be sure to allow plenty of free space in the cage as well, and do not overcrowd with too many toys. Rotate through different bird toys in the cage to keep your bird from becoming bored.

Hanging Wood Wafers on Rope Bird Toy 100

Hanging Wood Wafers on Rope Bird Toy

Pros: The wood is perfect size for him to chew
Cons: None
My green cheek loves this. He has no interest in chewing very wide or dense pieces of wood but absolutely loves this and it is great for his beak. He sits for hours on his perch and breaks off tiny ...