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When most of us were children we would really enjoy a trip to the local playground with large jungle gyms and playsets for us to climb all over. Our parents would be happy because it would help us use up our excess energy outside of home. The same principle is true with these bird playground sets, which combine a variety of activities into one easy to assemble exercise area. Ladders, poles, climbing ropes and platforms all combine together to form a bird version of our childhood playground.

Midwest Parrot Playstand 100

Midwest Parrot Playstand

Great Stand for the Price!
Pros: Sturdy and Bird Friendly Easy to Assemble
Cons: Would not recommend for larger parrots
I bought this stand for my Macaw. It is a very nice stand and a very good price. It was a bit small for him but it was passed on to another bird person with a smaller parrot and is working out very we...