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Birds are on their feet all day and night, they can't get off of them like a human can, so offering them a variety of perch diameters to stand on will help them exercise their feet and legs but also allow them to pick a perch they are comfortable on. From the smallest parakeet to the largest macaw, they all need to have various perch sizes. For small birds, adding a perch cover to one or two of the perches will help to keep their nails filed but do not cover all perches with sandy perch covers. Wood or rope, it doesn't matter, just vary the sizes.

Window & Shower Bird Perch 100

Window & Shower Bird Perch

love it
Our yellow sided green cheek conure loves this perch in the shower. She doesn't necessarily like to get wet from the shower, but I think she likes the steam/humidity. My husband thought it was weird...