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Bird Perches, Swings, & Playlands

Perches, swings, and playsets are all items to keep your bird occupied and entertained regardless of whether you are home or not. Keeping a bird entertained is very important. Some birds will turn to self mutilation when bored or when attention starved. They may pluck their feathers out or chew their own feet just out of sheer boredom, and the result can be either an ugly bird or an injured bird or sometimes both. If a bird begins plucking feathers, consider buying it a new toy to see if that will help distract the bird and give it something else to do.

Cuttlebone & Calcium Perch 100

Cuttlebone & Calcium Perch

birds love for biting as well as setting on
Pros: great product great seller
Cons: none
i have these in all my cages, and all my birds love them, from the macaw to the love bird as well as the umbrella's always nibbling on them or perching on them.