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Bird Medications, Vitamins, & Supplements

Pet birds can always benefit from additional vitamins and minerals either mixed with their food or water. It is important that if using vitamins in water that the water is replaced and vitamins are re-added daily. Exposure to light will break down the vitamins in the water. Mineral blocks and cuttlebones help to keep a bird's beak filed down but sharp, so that they are always prepared to crack their favorite nut. Occasional vet trips may still be needed to keep a bird's beak trim. Sometimes a bird may become ill, and it is good to keep some medication on hand, as well as a vet's phone number.

Wild Harvest Molting & Conditioning Supplement 100

Wild Harvest Molting & Conditioning Supplement

My Cockatiel Loves this Stuff!
Pros: Healthy, Bird Loves the Taste
My cockatiel absolutely loves this stuff. It is also very healthy for him.