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Handfeeding a baby bird is one of the best ways to build a bond between human and bird, as the baby bird will imprint on the human and come to recognize them as their parent and as a source of food, warmth, and nurturing. Hand feeding is accomplished using hand feeding formula as well as an appropriately sized syringe. Instruction in proper hand feeding technique is important after purchasing hand feeding bird supplies and food but before a first attempt is made at feeding the baby bird. Incorrect feeding technique may injure or kill a fragile baby bird.

Pretty Bird 19/8 Handrearing Formula for Birds 100

Pretty Bird 19/8 Handrearing Formula for Birds

Baby bird food
Pros: mixes good
Cons: wish it came in plastic container and not a bag.
I love the product mixes fine with good texture. The birds seem to enjoy it more than the other brands.