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Bird cage covers are not just for looks at night, they are very important as a teaching aid in helping to teach your bird when it is time to quiet down and go to sleep at night. Seed guards are much smaller than cage covers are, and they serve the purpose of helping to keep seed husks and uneaten seed in the cage and off of the floor. Feeding a pelleted diet instead of a seed based diet and using seed as a treat instead of the main food can also help keep things clean in and around the bird cage area.

Mesh Seed Guards 100

Mesh Seed Guards

great for canaries
Pros: catches seeds and feathers when molting
This has been such a awesome product!. I have 2 male canaries that go thru the mating season tearing up the papertowel I put in the bottom of the cage each day. The mesh catches all of the pieces. Whe...