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Bird Biscuits & Cookies

Birdie Egg Biscuits are a high protein treat often fed to birds during stressful times of their lives such as while molting. The extra protein supplement in the bird's diet will help provide the building blocks for new feather growth as well as for a strong beak and nails. Egg biscuits are made with real eggs, and birds of all size love them. Other biscuit treats include parrot biscuits which are large, chunky biscuits that are easy for macaws to hold and crunch on. These can be used as a training aid, or just to give your bird something special.

Vita Prima Bird Biscuits 100

Vita Prima Bird Biscuits

My Parakeets Love These Treats
Pros: easy to remove from container
Cons: love to have more in package
Ever since I discovered these treats, my birds simply love them. Would highly recommend these bird biscuits.