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Betta food is fairly simple in content, typically either being partly or entirely composed of freeze dried bloodworms. When offering your Betta food, it is important to feed it very small amounts each day, especially when keeping the betta in a very small tank. Giving the betta too much food can pollute the water, and it may possibly cause the eventual death of your beloved fish. When feeding a Betta it is also a better practice to feed multiple times each day rather than one large feeding, again this will prevent excess waste in the aquarium.

Hikari Tropical Betta Bio-Gold 100

Hikari Tropical Betta Bio-Gold

Excellent Food for Bettas
Pros: Betta eats them quickly, well before they start to fall
Cons: A tiny bit tricky to tap out the right amount, but easier with practice
My Betta, Dori, doesn't seem to be picky when it comes to food. However, he does LOVE this betta food. He snaps all the pieces up quickly before any of them have a chance to fall. He has no problem fi...