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Furan-2 Bacterial Fish Medication

Furan-2 Bacterial Fish Medication

API 8.09
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10 Powder Packets

API Furan-2 Bacterial Fish Medication contains two furan compounds to combat a wide variety of gram-positive & gram-negative bacterial fish diseases. It can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This medication will not harm the biological filter. This medication will cause a slight discoloration of water which can be removed with activated carbon. Each package contains 10 powder packets. Each packet treats 10 gallons.

Furan-2 can treat the following bactieral infections in fish:

  • bacterial gill disease
  • open red sores (Aeromonas spp.)
  • body slime
  • eye cloud
  • black molly disease (Flavobacterium columnaris)
  • fin & tail rot
  • Hemorrhagic Septicemia
Customer Reviews for Furan-2 Bacterial Fish Medication
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Best medication to have on hand
Good Value, Effective
Discolors water
I always have Furan 2 on hand. It is more effective than a similar product I purchased. It can get a little expensive to treat the entire 75 gallon aquarium, but I have done so when fish are too big to move (and when natural treatments don't work). It works - but it does discolor the water (sort of a yellow color). When my son had a sick fish, I gave him my supply and a 10 gallon aquarium (to use as his hospital tank)- and placed another order for myself. His peacock cichlid healed right up and has been fine ever since.
Experience with Product: Casual Fish Keeper
Recommended: Yes
Lima, OH

Great for zoapox
Good Value, Effective, Safe, Easy to Use
I use this for rescuing zoas that have started melting, or have zoapox. Do 20 min dips 3 days in a row using half a packet to 1 cup of tank water.
Experience with Product: Experienced Aquarist
Recommended: Yes
Eugene OR

Do research before you buy
Does heal most bacterial infections
Dangerous side effects - may cause liver damage
I wrote a glowing for this medication that needs an update. I had a disastrous bacterial infection sweep through my 75 gallon freshwater aquarium in September (change in local water chemistry that I was not aware of until too late). I used Furan 2 and saw no improvement - only more and more fish getting sick - with secondary fungal infection spreading rapidly (Furan 2 does not treat fungal infections). I researched all night long on Furan 2 and bacterial/fungal up all I could find on this medication - and found it can have some devastating effects (liver and kidney damage - and more) on healthy fish that are in the same aquarium (might explain any mystery deaths you have later after using this medication). I switched to a different medication (not available here) and fish started improving almost immediately. I kept my fish loss to a minimum by discontinuing Furan 2. Yes, Furan 2 did heal my fish in the past - healed fin rot and other bacterial infections, but now I use a medication (when natural treatments don't work)that is not as harmful to the rest of my fish - a medication with far fewer side effects. Hopefully, PetSolutions will stock that medication sometime in the future. I haven't had a 100% success rate with it either.... I don't think any medication is 100% successful - just as with people - some fish just don't respond to the medication.
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: No
Lima, OH

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