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Automatic fish feeders can be a great solution for how to feed your fish dry food on a daily basis or while on vacation. These feeders were designed with flake food in mind, but they can be used with freeze dried and pelleted form diets as well. These feeders can not be used with liquid or frozen food. Auto fish feeders can be tailored to suit your needs, giving the fish keeper the ability to adjust how much food is distributed at feeding and how many times each day are scheduled for feeding. A less elegant solution is to use feeding blocks, but they are not always the best choice.

Ekomixo Automatic Fish Feeder 100

Ekomixo Automatic Fish Feeder

I like it
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: Mounting
I own the 2 Eheim feeders and this one...I like this the best as it is easy to use, just fill set from one to 3 times a day (no set times) and you are a go. Only thing I dont like is the velcro mount....