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Automatic Dog Waterer & Feeder Systems

Automatic dog feeders and watering systems are great to use for pets that can self-monitor their food and water intake and owners who do not have consistent schedules. Rather than putting a large bowl in front of your pet and letting him eat all the food at once, automatic feeders can provide a controlled stream of food via gravity or electronically for timed portion control. Dog watering systems allow your dog to have a large amount of water available. Your dog's water will usually be kept cooler and fresher in an automatic waterer, as it will be constantly running through a filtering system.

PetMate Cafe Pet Waterer 100

PetMate Cafe Pet Waterer

Wonderful little waterer
Pros: Easy to clean and fill
Cons: none
I used it in one of my my budgie breeding cages. It provided drinking water with less changing than a regular dish. Enough room for the young birds to bathe in, and shallow enough so as not to worry a...