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Aquarium Wavemakers

An aquarium wavemaker can be a big help if your goal is growing corals. PetSolutions has a variety of the cutting edge fish tank wave maker devices on the market, including the revered Red Sea Wavemaster Pro. An aquarium wavemaker can control a number of power heads to create back and forth or random water motion in an aquarium which will keep debris stirred up for the filter to pull out of the aquarium as well as providing irregular water flow for proper coral formation.

Wavemaster Pro Wave Maker 100

Wavemaster Pro Wave Maker

great wave maker runing 4 pumps
Pros: can run 4 pumps at random start so it very helpful for reef
Cons: depending on pumps when they start can be a loud start
Great if u have maxijet laying around u can create a random flow in your tank. Great for maxijet.