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The first things that anyone setting up a fish tank needs, whether it is a saltwater or freshwater aquarium, is the tank and the stand. PetSolutions has a variety of fish tanks for sale in the form of complete aquarium systems, which usually will include all necessary filtration and lighting. Just add your gravel or sand, water, heater, live fish, and decorations. Marineland, JBJ, and Red Sea are just some of the manufacturers we stock in our warehouse. Browse through our great selection today and bring the wonders of the deep into your home.

Fluval EDGE 6 Gallon, 12 Gallon, & Accessories 100

Fluval EDGE 6 Gallon, 12 Gallon, & Accessories

Pros: Quiet, beautiful, great quality
Cons: Small opening
This tank is just stunning, I can't say that enough. No water line, no unsightly cords or filter, everything is hidden. Very modern, clean lines. The light looks amazing, the blue LEDs look super cool...