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Aquarium Stands for Sale

On average, water weighs between 6 and 7 pounds per gallon, so when the weight of the water is combined with gravel or sand, decorations or live rock, lighting, and filter system, the weight for larger tanks can be extremely heavy. It is often not safe to use furniture that is not specifically designed to support an aquarium, due to the weight of the aquarium and design of the furniture it may topple. An aquarium stand designed for use with an aquarium gives the whole setup a nice, tied together appearance and many of the stands provide bookshelves, drawers, or cabinets below.

Aqueon Forge Metal Aquarium Stands 100

Aqueon Forge Metal Aquarium Stands

Just what I wanted
Pros: Easy to assemble, sturdy
Cons: No closed storage space, some damage on bottom board.
I really like this stand. I set it up - easy set up, I feel like it is sturdy and stable and I hope it will hold my fish tank for a very long time. My fish tank fit on perfectly. I love that it can b...