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Even though the equipment PetSolutions has for sale is of the highest quality, sometimes things can go wrong with a piece of equipment after months or years of use. We stock a variety of aquarium replacement parts, fittings, connectors, clamps, and tubes. Float valves for auto top off systems and bulkhead fittings are items often not found in your local hardware store, especially those which can be used with an aquarium, but we have it covered for you. While it isn't possible to stock all replacement parts for all filters, we do have all of the most commonly requested pieces.

Eclipse 3 Parts 100

Eclipse 3 Parts

The best place to find all items without guessing or searching
Pros: prices.....
Cons: i wasted 4 days online. Frustrated after placing order before finding u!
Why hasn't Marineland the mfg of the eclipse 3 filtration have it this simple. They also had higher prices. I placed my order with several sites because they didn't have all the parts I needed. Your...