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Aquarium Refugiums

A refugium is basically a small aquarium addition which is housed either under an existing full aquarium or added on to the back of the existing aquarium. It is specifically used for housing micro organisms & macro algae to be used as an aid in filtration. A hang on back refugium has the advantage of not needing extra plumbing to have it run like an under tank refugium does, but the down side is that the aquarium does have to sit out away from the wall to allow room behind for the refugium. The sump type refugium which sits beneath the tank doesn't require extra space behind.

Overflow Boxes 100

Overflow Boxes

I own and use the 1800 on my 250 gal Marine LRLF soft coral tank, a 75gal African Cichlid tank, 75 gal lps, sps Marine Tank, 55gal blackwater tank, 55gal brackish tank, 29 gal marine quarantine tank, ...