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Aquarium Reactors

Using a reactor for an aquarium is typically only seen with saltwater reef aquariums. A reactor is a container which maximizes the exposure time of an added material to accomplish a desired purpose. Calcium reactors use a material which dissolves slowly over time and add calcium to the aquarium. A phosphate reactor works in an opposite way, it uses a resin material to remove phosphate from the water and the tumbling created inside of the reactor insures that the phosphate remover is being used in an optimal fashion.

Aquatop Media Reactor with Pump 100

Aquatop Media Reactor with Pump

aquatop does it again alot of bang for the buck
Pros: large capacity reactor
Cons: non so far
was looking for a fluidized bio reactor. most out there are too small and the larger ones are expensive..very expensive. this one comes in at 79, and it is 5.5 diameter by 23 inchs..mr30