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Aquarium RO & Deionization

RO water purifiers (Reverse Osmosis) is one method used to filter tap water for your aquarium. It is something many aquarists have chosen to do, as it removes all harmful chemicals and minerals from the water rendering it neutral. Other devices, such as the API Tap Water Purifier, use DI to purify the water (Deionization). Reverse Osmosis systems often require additional parts and pieces to be properly assembled and maintained in the home for aquarium use. PetSolutions offers a variety of parts to fill your RO purification accessory needs.

Kold Ster-il 3 Filtration Media 100

Kold Ster-il 3 Filtration Media

Best water filtration system you can buy
Pros: water quality
Cons: cost of media
the kold steril eliminates the need to buy any water conditioners or chemicals ever again it makes bottled water quality water from your tap water right into your tank it will pay for itself in a few ...