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Aquarium Power Strips & Timers

A timer can be a simple but indispensable piece of equipment for an aquarium. Whether the timer is a basic, standard manual timer or a digital timer, either one will work very well to keep your lights on a regular schedule whether you are home or not. Having a light timer built into a power strip or surge protector is an even bigger advantage, both protecting the equipment and keeping your aquarium schedule on track. It is important to give your fish and invertebrates a normal day and night cycle to keep them healthy and stress free.

Aquasun Aquarium Controller 100

Aquasun Aquarium Controller

Accurate and Works Well
Pros: 3 Constant & 3 Timer Sockets
I've used Aquasun Aquarium Controllers for over 8 months on my fish tanks and haven't had a problem with this product except that one was damaged during shipping and had to be exchanged (PetSolutions ...