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Aquarium lighting can either be used simply for viewing fish in an aquarium, or can be more specialized lighting used to light a live planted aquarium or reef aquarium. Normal output fluorescent, High Output Fluorescent, Very High Output Fluorescent, T5 Fluorescent, Metal Halide, and now LED lighting are all available from PetSolutions. LED lighting is the newest type of lighting being used with aquariums, and it is still being perfected but it has several advantages including extremely long life, doesn't add any heat to the water, and light fixtures using LEDs are also very quiet.

Perfecto Aquarium Glass Canopies 100

Perfecto Aquarium Glass Canopies

It's exactly what I wanted.
Pros: It came in perfect condition.
Cons: No cons.
I ordered one from somewhere else. It came and was shattered. I wanted one badly and you were the only one that had the size I needed for half the price.You will be my go-to from now on!