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Aquarium Lighting Accessories

Beyond simply purchasing the light fixtures themselves, they must be set up properly. Fish and corals need a day and night cycle just like other animals, including human beings. It is important to keep this routine as regular as possible, so the use of an aquarium timer makes that task very easy. Some aquarium timers are built into a power center, giving even more options. The Aqualight power center takes it one step further with daylight outlets, night time outlets, and always on outlets which give the owner even more options.

Current Ramp Timers for Aquarium Lighting 100

Current Ramp Timers for Aquarium Lighting

Love it
Pros: more natural effect for the fish
Cons: Plastic and chunky
I have a single ramp timer being used with another brand of LED fixture. Works great, and the fish appreciate not having the sudden flash of light being turned on in the morning. Very calming for the ...