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Marineland LED Aquarium Lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is the newest trend in aquarium lighting, and manufacturers are researching ways to optimize their LED light fixtures all the time. LED aquarium lights are bright, quiet & extremely energy efficient even when compared to energy efficient T5 and power compact lighting. LED bulbs will run for years without burning out, and they do not need to be replaced during that time (and in fact most can not be replaced). LED lighting has evolved to the point where it is even being used as reef lighting and it may eventually become the primary lighting for all aquariums.

Marineland Advanced LED Strip Lights 100

Marineland Advanced LED Strip Lights

Marineland Advanced Led Strip LIght
Pros: Great Light
Cons: Have not found any yet
I thought I would review this as I have read reviews that state this light is not bright enough. This light out of the box is wonderful.Could not ask for a brighter light ,lights up the whole 65 gallo...