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Aquarium Hydrometers

A hydrometer is an important device used for measuring the salinity of water, and it is used for both brackish water aquariums as well as saltwater aquariums. Refractometers are also often used for measuring salt, and if adjusted properly they will be even more accurate than a hydrometer but are quite a bit more expensive than hydrometers. Refractometers use the refraction of light through a drop of water on a glass area to determine the level of salt content in water. Hydrometers usually use a floating indicator to give a reading, or are floated directly in the water.

Refractometer 100


Works Perfect and accurate
Pros: super easy to use
Cons: Calibration Fluid 15 mL doesn't work for me accurately
The refractometer easy to use and accurate, add distilled water to it to calibrate it so that the blue line lines ups to zero, then wipe it clean of that water and then add your aquarium water to it a...