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Aquarium Hoods & Canopies For Sale

An aquarium canopy is optional but highly recommended for most aquariums. Having a glass or plastic aquarium hood will prevent fish from jumping out of the tank, keep unwanted things out of the aquarium, and slow down water evaporation from the tank. A glass canopy does not include a light but it does seal better than the plastic canopies. A glass canopy will also typically allow more light to get into the aquarium. A plastic canopy will usually include a light, so it is an easier solution but it is very limited in application.

Perfecto Aquarium Glass Canopies 100

Perfecto Aquarium Glass Canopies

It's exactly what I wanted.
Pros: It came in perfect condition.
Cons: No cons.
I ordered one from somewhere else. It came and was shattered. I wanted one badly and you were the only one that had the size I needed for half the price.You will be my go-to from now on!