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Aqueon Pro Fish Tank HeaterAqueon Pro Heaters 250
  • Aqueon Pro Fish Tank Heater
  • Aqueon Pro Heaters 250
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Aqueon Pro Fish Tank Heater


The Aqueon Pro Fish Tank Heater is a shatterproof, precision calibrated heater for aquariums with a resilient aluminum core for balanced heat distribution and quality performance. It features an electronic thermostat to maintain a specific aquatic temperature, from 68°F - 88°F, and a power monitor light that is red when heating and green when the water reaches the set temperature. The thermostat contains a safety feature that automatically shuts the tank heater off if it comes out of the water, then resets and begins working again when it is back in the water. The UL listed, Aqueon Pro Fish Tank Heater features a control knob to easily adjust the temperature. It is fully submersible, allowing you to position it vertically or horizontally in a freshwater or marine aquarium. Includes suction cups and 6' cord. Limited lifetime warranty.

Watts Length Aquarium Size
50 8.5" Up to 20 gallons
100 10" Up to 30 gallons
150 13.5" Up to 55 gallons
200 13.5" Up to 75 gallons
250 15" Up to 90 gallons
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