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Fish Tank Heater & Aquarium Heaters for Fish Tanks

An aquarium heater isn't just for raising up a fish tank's temperature to a warmer level. It is also used to maintain a stable temperature in the aquarium. Keeping a stable temperature with a submersible or hang on aquarium heater is absolutely critical. Changes in aquarium temperature can have a big effect on the feeding habits and color of aquarium fish. Heaters have become easier to use over the years, including built in thermostats and temperature controls which can be dialed in and then left alone to keep the water at a set temperature.

Aqueon Pro Fish Tank Heater 100

Aqueon Pro Fish Tank Heater

Only heater you should consider
Pros: shatterproof great customer service
Cons: not one that I've found
I seldom write reviews but I love this heater! My first one stopped working and I called the company - they sent a replacement out before they received the broken one. I chose this one because it's sh...