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Aquarium Gravel Cleaning Supplies

Performing a gravel siphon once each month with an aquarium gravel vacuum is very important if your aquarium has gravel on the bottom of it. This gravel can trap leftover fish food and fish waste that the aquarium filter doesn't pick up. Using a fish tank vacuum or siphon gravel vac will remove both water and debris from your aquarium if used properly. Removing the water is a benefit rather than a down side, as then you are prepared to do a routine water change of approximately 25% of your water. Python, Lee's, and Aqueon all make nice gravel vacs that will suck water out and into your sink.

Python No Spill Clean & Fill 100

Python No Spill Clean & Fill

This thing works
Pros: Flexible hose,Easy to use,Makes cleaning fun.
Cons: None so far
I bought one of these because the other brand A I bought on sale broke the first time I used it.This one was more expensive but it was well worth it.The hose is easy to manage and makes cleaning and f...