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Aquarium Light Fixtures

Aquarium light fixtures have come a very long way over the years, evolving through new developments in ballasts and bulb temperatures, in addition to the wattages of bulbs changing drastically. Fluorescent bulbs started with color in the 4,000k (very yellow/red) range and over the years have evolved to cover a range of color up to 20,000K (very blue). Being able to purchase a complete aquarium light fixture with bulbs and ventilation and ballasts all wired and ready to go takes much of the guesswork out of aquarium lighting.

Elive LED Aquarium Basic Single Track Light System 100

Elive LED Aquarium Basic Single Track Light System

If you need to customize this is the one for you at an affordable price!
Pros: Very customizable and compact with little heat production
Cons: Needs extra pods if you want live plant growth
Got this at a lfs with two plant growth and one high output pod at purchase. The best thing about this is you can accent your plants/decorations by directing lights right above them. I have one green ...