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Aquarium Filters for Fish Tanks

An aquarium filter is absolutely critical when setting up a tank. Reef tank filters tend to be larger and more complicated than those used for fish-only aquariums, but aquarium filters for saltwater fish are similar or the same as those used in a freshwater aquarium. There are many styles of aquarium filters, such as canister filters, hang on the back filters, corner filters, fluidized bed filters, and undergravel filters. Each of these aquarium filters has its pros and cons and are used for specific reasons.

Fish Tank Filter — Cascade Power Filter 100

Fish Tank Filter — Cascade Power Filter

Quiet, reliable filter
Pros: Durable quiet filter
Cons: none
I have several fish tanks and have used many different brands of filters over the years. I currently have 10 cascade 300 in use on my aquariums. Some are new and some are 5 years old or more. I hav...