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Aquarium decorations and aquarium gravel are not only functional but also are a great way to introduce your own personality to your aquarium. Fish tank decorations come in a variety of styles, from natural to fantasy so whether your style is a skeleton at a ship's wheel or natural driftwood, PetSolutions stocks a variety of fish decor to suit your every need. Fish tank gravel for most tanks should be just enough to cover the bottom of the aquarium, but deeper gravel can be used when working with live plants or terracing is used in the aquarium.

Egyptian Vase 100

Egyptian Vase

A Realistic Decoration to Calm Your Fish
Pros: natural colors, 1:1 scale, good hiding spot
Cons: holes form sharp edges inside
This is the only non-plant decor I have in my tank. I'm not a fan of bright colors, silly characters, or out of scale objects like sunken ships. I like that this item looks like something that could b...