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Aquarium Chillers

An aquarium chiller is not always necessary equipment for a fish tank, but they can be very useful when the room an aquarium is set up in is an overly warm room or when many watts of high end metal halide lighting is used. An aquarium can get up into the mid or upper 80's with all of the extra equipment used on a reef tank, and adding a chiller can make the difference between success and failure in a reef tank which has that high of a temperature. A chiller can not work miracles, but if a temperature drop of 5 to 10 degrees is needed, a chiller will do the job.

Coralife Aquarium Chillers 100

Coralife Aquarium Chillers

Good Chiller
Pros: price and proformance
Cons: none
This is in response to Salty Joe, Chillers are not designed to quickly cool down your aquarium, they can take awhile to cool the aquarium. In fact if they cooled too quick your fish will likely suffer...