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Aquarium Aqua Dosers

The Aqua Doser by Kent Marine, can be thought of as an IV drip for your aquarium. Additives such as calcium supplements can be added slowly over time via this drip method of the Aqua Doser. Automatic dosing of any aquarium supplement should be monitored closely to ensure your setup is not overdosing or underdosing your aquarium. Once the balance adjustment is found with the aqua doser, it will definitely make remembering to keep up with your supplements easier. You can use it for one simple supplement, or it can be used for a cocktail of several different additives.

Aqua Dosers 100

Aqua Dosers

Pros: Inexpensive and effective way to Dose kalkwasser
Cons: Requires mixing of additives
I purchased the 1400ML model and my only regret is I should have purchased the 2.5 gal model. I will probably now purchase one of those as well. If you are ok with having to mix and pour your additive...