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Algae control chemicals have been both a boon and a burden to the aquarium hobbyist. When used properly, to help get an algae breakout under control in conjunction with water changes and phosphate control it is a wonderful thing. Fish keepers who use it as a long term solution will make more work for themselves than necessary. One important thing to note is that the commonly referred to "red slime algae" is not an algae at all, but rather it is a bacterial problem. Products such as Red Slime Remover and Chemi-Clean have been developed to clear up the red slime problem.

Algone Water Clarifier 100

Algone Water Clarifier

Works !
Pros: Everything
Cons: None
Saved both my tanks. Only thing I've tried that actually will reduce nitrates. My town water has ammonia in it and it did nothing but fuel my nitrates problem. Once I started using these my nitrates a...